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Where can I Download GPU-Z?

Download GPU-Z

Where can I Download GPU-Z

GPU-Z can be downloaded at system information viewers- download hub. System information viewers allow users to assess the performance and results by using GPU-Z download. This utility software can be downloaded online at There are various software solution providers that allow online downloading without charges. GPU-z is available with all the online software providers. Softpedia Mirror (US) and Softpedia Mirror (RO) are executable secured files which can be used to download GPU-Z. mentions Windows 2000/ XP/ Vista as the usable platforms for GPU-Z download. It has reported total GPU-Z 0.5.8 downloads nearing 2.5 million. GPU-Z is a freeware and rated as very good utility by the downloaders.
TechPowerUp is another online option that provides free download location of this system utility. GPU- Z download at this location is available in two options. One is simple GPU-Z v0.5.8 and the other is fit for ASUS ROG Skin. This location has 44 other versions also available. GPU-Z can be downloaded at all operating systems most common being Windows. The size of GPU-Z is 986.5 kB. TechPowerUp has almost all the versions of GPU-Z available. It allows user to post about the latest updates of GPU-Z. is the online specialist which has made GPU Z download available under ‘other system tool’ options. Most downloaded version is 0.5.8. This is grouped under system utilities. It advises user to scan PC for Windows errors. It has reported total GPU Z download of more than 8.5 lacs so far. GPU Z download is fast and safe through this online site. It is pitted as the most readable system utility. This site promotes this utility as a comprehensive information provider about the graphics cards uploaded on the system. promotes GPU-Z v0.5.2. This GPU-Z version is similar to CPU- Z except the fact it is meant for video cards. The version displayed here is support for NVIDIA GT440 and all GTX series of video cards. Other updated features include fixed ROP count on ATI Madison, detection for ATI and voltage controller for XT cards and Cayman Pro. This site has many updates available. An update adds support for Radeon HD 7970, 7350 graphic cards. Voltage monitoring for Radeon HD 7970 cards is also possible with version available here. This update adds full support for AMD A-Series Fusion processors. offers secure GPU Z download. GPU-Z is available as system utility under utilities and operating systems. It shows everything about video card details. Graphical representation of usage history such as GPU load, memory usage and temperature are some of the noted features available in this download hub. It is free and can be operated on operating systems like Windows/ XP/ 7. Version 0.5.8 is the most downloaded version. Around 1900 downloads are reported almost weekly and total downloads are crossing 1.5 million mark.
GPU – Z is available free at all the download hubs. It is a complete information source about video and graphic cards. All download hubs promote the latest version the most. This utility software is meant for gaming consoles which require frequent updation of graphic cards.

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