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ATI Video Cards

To be able to meet the graphical standards of video games and other graphical applications for your PC, you need to ensure that your video card is performing as it should. The ATI video card is a PC video card used to enhance your computer’s graphics capability. ATI video cards can use a utility tool gpu-z to display vital information concerning the ATI video card performance. There are many ATI cards in which gpu-z can support. This makes it very convenient as these ATI video cards can now be monitored for its performance.
GPU-Z and the ATI cards
The gpu-z is created to support the following ATI video cards:
Radeon HD5450
The Radeon HD5450 a low power which can be seen in the gpu-z PCI-Express features. This ATI card is great for PC home theater purposes. It has fan wherein the gpu-z can monitor its speed to me able to see if the fan still cools the tine GPU on the ATI card. The Radeon HD5450 has HTPC low-power applications.
Radeon X1950 Pro
Another ATI card that is gpu-z supported. The ATI card is suitable as Vista gaming video card. This card has one GPU with 256MB memory and PCI Express wherein the gpu-z can able to gauge its power savings and memory used. The gpu-z can detect speed rate on this ATI cards which are often reviewed as good. The Radeon X1950 Pro is also cool and can last a long time.
Radeon X1300 Pro
This video card allows you to play the Quake 4, NFS, Doom 3, Prey, Halo and Carbon in a clear quality graphics. With the gpu-z utility, you can measure its performance and see the memory and PCI express information display. Gpu-z can also be able to show such information even if the card is installed in a Vista Windows OS home premium. The gpu-z is a good utility for monitoring this card to see its performance especially for video and game enthusiasts.
Radeon 9800 Pro
The Radeon 9800 Pro has GPU monitoring can be seen in the gpu-z UI. This ATI card memory is twice larger enabling this card to support fast-paced gaming. It is suitable for high resolutions graphics. With advanced features information can be displayed in the gpu-z utility interface. Overclocking this card is possible through the gpu-z as well as acquiring its accurate clock default settings and clock rates.
What is so great with the gpu-z with this ATI card is the 3D testing to see optimized performance. The gpu-z was also used to test this with other gpu-z supported ATI and NVIDIA cards and benchmark performances. The biggest competition of 9800 pro in memory is the NVIDIA Geforce (the FX 900 ultra). Both were compared using the information taken from the gpu-z.
GPU-Z on benchmarking ATI Video cards
The ATI video cards were compared and tested the gpu-z information display. The gpu-z features were able to gauge clock rates, memory, bios, GPUs and a lot more. Plus with the 3D testing and PCI express power saving information from this utility tool for ATI cards, benchmarking the best performer is not easy and convenient.

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