Video Card Misconceptions

Common Misconceptions about Video Cards

Every computer has a video card. While some have them integrated to the motherboard, a few others have them separately. The information regarding this can be clarified by using gpu-z. The video card on your PC takes care of everything you see on it. Without it, working on a PC is almost impossible. But there are also a lot of misconceptions about a video card and its need for a PC. One of the best tools to clear such misconceptions is gpu-z. Gpu-z is a program that gives all the information you need to know about your video card.

So before you go ahead with a gpu-z download, it’s important to know why gpu-z is so good at busting misconceptions. The gpu z program provides complete details of a video card. This information includes details like amount of memory, clock speed of the graphics processor, number of shaders, width of the bus, the voltage to the graphics processor etc. This sort of information from gpu-z helps you to identify a good video card from a bad one. One of the most important pieces of information provided by gpu z is related to the model number of a video card.

A gpu-z download will validate the model number which tells you the purpose for which this card was designed. For example, video cards like the 9400GT might appear to be higher placed than cards like the 8800GT but the exact difference between them can be clearly seen by using gpu-z. The 9400GT is a far less powerful video card even though its model number appears newer. The thing to notice here are the last three digits which in the case of 8800GT are higher than that of 9400GT. Further differences can be seen with gpu-z which will tell you that the 9400GT is more suited to light video processing work only unlike the 8800GT which is a top-end gaming-oriented video card.

A gpu-z download also helps you tide over misconceptions regarding the memory of two video cards. So if one video card has 1GB of RAM and the other has 512MB of RAM, the gpu z program will help you understand which a better alternative is. A video card’s GPU is the main factor that influences its performance. So a top-end card with lower memory will always outgun a mid-end card with higher memory. gpu-z will further highlight this difference by showing info on the speed and type of the video card memory. A few tweaks in gpu-z also let you specify a temperature range beyond which the program alerts you for increasing heat.

A gpu-z download also helps you avoid bottlenecking of your system. This is another area of misconception among video cards. If the performance gulf is too wide between your CPU and GPU, chances of bottlenecking increase. You could avoid this by using the gpu z program and choosing the right video card for your system. gpu-z also gathers info from the various sensors on your video card. This too helps in clearing some misconceptions regarding the heat issues of a video card. Temperature, GPU voltage, RAM speed, GPU clock, fan speed are some of the important figures displayed by the gpu z program. It’s easy to see why gpu-z is the preferred software to know more about a video card.

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