What is GPU-Z

What is GPU-Z?

GPU-Z is What

What is GPU-Z

GPU-Z is utility software designed to accelerate graphic output download on mobiles, personal computers and play stations. It is a lightweight utility that provides all the information about the video card and GPU i.e. Global Processing Unit. GPU Z does not require any installation. GPU Z download supports NVIDIA and ATI cards and provide accurate information about adapter and GPU and display details.
GPU Z supports Windows Vista/ 2000/ XP equally. Latest version available is GPU-Z 0.5.8. It is stored as file name GPU-Z.0.5.8.exe. It falls under the category of freeware. It occupies very less space of about 980 kB. There were various improvements done to the original version of GPU-Z. Functions like voltage monitoring, real-time clock monitoring and default clock reading were added to it to make it more usable. GPU-Z downloads added support for AMD Firepro V7900 and other HD applications. This enables faster video download for mobile phones.
GPU-Z also allows scanning of computer systems and analysis of graphics card. It is a very easy-to use interface. It has no command icons either. GPU-Z provides information like name, sub vendor, GPU memory clock, dedicated memory usage and many others. Report- making is highly used option available with GPU-Z download. Those who constantly require updated information about their computer’s state love the report providing feature of GPU-Z.
New features of GPU-Z include: accurate measure of bus configuration under load, additional function to display ASIC quality for Fermi and other islands, fixed open CL detection and many more. All these updations have increased the use of GPU-Z. GPU-Z latest version comes with two additional tabs where optional e-mail and comments can be added to validate GPU-Z version. It can be validated by inserting your name also through these tabs.
GPU-Z is a very practical freeware which provides latest information about the activities of the graphics card. It is a basic tool that provides information silently in the form of open-dialog window. There is no requirement of Help feature as it is an easily readable .exe file. GPU-Z provides information about pixel and texture filtrates along with information like GPU clock, default clock and driver version.
GPU-Z is not overloaded with unnecessary information. It excels in what it does. It allows system’s video card to act fast. New users are not able to comprehend the information displayed easily but once hands are set, this utility information gives required details about the graphic head. At the launch, it scans the release dates and transistors, memory type, card name, BIOS version, GPU and memory size.
GPU-Z is available free of cost. There are various authors of this software. It is liked by all and has shown a considerable increase in downloads in the last few weeks. This software is being used to keep an eye on the graphic data consumption. Its compatibility with major operating systems allows its usage in almost all the systems available. Embedded systems like mobile and play stations also allow use of this application. It has succeeded in all the tests performed by the reviewers.

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