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What Information gpu-z provides you with?

Information gpu-z provides

What Information gpu-z provides you with

What is gpu-z?
PC graphic or video cards these days are intensive part of a computer either for games or other graphical applications. That is why video cards need to be compared or to be monitored in their performance to see if they can meet your PCs graphic needs. The gpu-z gives you this information and more to take a snapshot of your PCs video or graphical performance.
The gpu-z is a tool used to display information in a dialogue window about the ATI and NVIDIA video cards. The gpu-z scans automatically to get some data from your computer system about the card name, the BIO version, the ROPs, the GPU, the memory type and size as well as the date of the card’s release and transistors. GPU-Z is currently a BETA SOFTWARE available as gpu-z download.
The gpu-z is a known video subsystem that displays information as well as diagnosed video quality. The gpu-z application can also provide accurate information concerning the graphic cards hardware installed in your PC by showing the cards’ clock and fan speeds, VRAM consumption and a lot more (as mentioned above) in real-time. There are other versions of gpu-z as well that has added features such as GPU load testing and PCI-Express power savings. This feature was designed to ensure the accuracy of the Bus information. Another gpu-z new feature is the ASIC quality made for the GPUs of NVIDIA GF10x & GF11x and AMD HD 7800 & above series. The feature was developed for advance users as well as the hardware manufacturers.
To summarize, here are the gpu-z main features and additional processes
GPU-Z main features
• It supports both ATI and NVIDIA video cards
• Confirms results
• Displays information about the GPU adapter
• If graphic card is capable, gpu-z can be used for overclocking
• Displays 3D clocks and the default clocks
• Does not need to be installed
• Suitable for Widows 2000, windows XP , Windows Vista and Windows 7 OS
What can GPU-Z can do for you?
The gpu-z is developed to be able to do the following processes
• Elaborate description on PCI-Express energy efficiency and 3D testing to provide accurate measurement on load bus configuration
• Permanent crash on previous ATI card
• Permanent OpenCL recognition for the AMD Antilles, Blackcomb, Seymour and Whistler
• Has an additional function to show the Southern and Fermi Islands ASIC quality found in the menu of the gpu-z user interface.
• Enhanced reading default clock for the AMD Hard Disk 7970 as well as the Fusion
• Have voltage and real-time monitoring for the HD 7970
• Has an additional support for the AMD hard disks such as the 6930, 7690M and 6410D and the FirePro V7900
• Fixed OpenCL detection for AMD Antilles, Whistler, Seymour, Blackcomb
• Permanent Intel and additional support for the NVIDIA GeForce GT630M and Tesla C2075
The gpu-z might have a simple set of features but it can do an excellent job for what gpu-z does. Those who are not into hardware stuff may find gpu-z UI confusing and the newbie might the information overwhelming but the gpu-z tool information displays are great help to understand the video card’s performance on your PC.

To learn more about Gpu-Z CLICK HERE

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